Taking Bets: Week 3 - Anything Below the Gutter?

Going an impressive 4-0 last week, TD had the antithesis of Blaine's weekend. And just like last week and continuing forward, the two will include an N.F.L. game per week because there's nothing like chasing that dollar with some make-up bets on Sunday. Check in to The Alabama Take every Friday afternoon to see what our bettors think are the sure wins football. 


2022 ATS Record
Blaine Duncan: 2-5 (Week Two: 0-4)
TD Wood: 4-3 (Week Two: 4-0)

Blaine Duncan
Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick. Adding the N.F.L. game just allowed me to sink lower than a gutter. I've got to do better. Pray for me, y'all. 

Florida State (-3) at Louisville (Friday night) -- Look, no one here is saying that the Seminoles are back, but they'll beat this Cardinals. 

South Alabama at UCLA (OVER: 59.5) -- UCLA is by far anything resembling a great team, and in playing their second Alabama-based opponent in as many weeks, they'll allow the Jags to score some points before finally getting a win. I suspect, just like their previous two games, UCLA will be sloppy on defense. So, points will be scored.    

Troy at App State (-12.5) -- App State took it to the wire against North Carolina and then turned around the next week to beat Texas A&M with confidence. They'll continue. The Moutaineers will dominate the Trojans and show that they're one of the top 25 teams in the nation. 

N.F.L. Game of the Week: Commanders at Lions (-1) -- I like the narrow margin and that D'Andre Swift is playing this week, despite the possibility of not. (Is Travis Etienne better than Swift?) Washington didn't do well stopping running backs last week, so that's really all I have, even though Carson Wentz had an okay Week One. Maybe Jared Goff can throw some touchdowns? Eh. 


TD Wood
4-0! An anomaly? A sign of my tide turning? Who the hell knows!?!   

Oklahoma (-11) at Nebraska -- I know some teams get a bump from a coach's firing, but the talent disparity is just too big in this one. The Sooners have rolled -- admittedly against inferior competition -- in their first two games, and this one should be no different. Add in the fact that this is the first national showcase for the Brent Venables era, and I smell blowout.

Troy at App State (-12.5) -- Like Blaine, I like the 'Neers to show out in this one. You wouldn't be wrong to raise a red flag and label this a letdown game, but with Gameday coming to Boone, App State will cruise over their Sun Belt rivals.

Ole Miss (-17) at Georgia Tech -- I just haven't seen anything from the Tech offense that would lead me to believe they can hang with Lane Kiffin and the Rebels. "Ramblin' Wreck" is less of a nickname, and more like a statement on the Yellow Jackets' program these days.

N.F.L. Game of the Week: Falcons at Rams (-10) -- This is a "get right" game for the defending Super Bowl champs. They got blown out at home in the season opener, and they need to remind everyone who they are. The Falcons got off to a hot start in their game against the Saints last weekend, but then -- as is Atlanta Falcon tradition -- choked away a big lead and lost. The Rams aren't 100%, but they're still levels above the Falcons.


Note: All games are Against the Spread. Odds are taken from the Caesar's Sportsbook.

Blaine Duncan
Blaine Duncan
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TD Wood
TD Wood
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