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After the whole debacle with Maus and how a Tennessee school board wanted it banned, I realized I had not read a graphic novel in a hot minute. When I was in college and grad school, I took the same young adult lit class and reading graphic novels were a part of the curriculum. I read Maus and the first Persepolis, both excellent.

But, for whatever reason, I have not set out to read anymore graphic novels. Now, they have definitely made an impact on my world- my students LOVE them. That's all most of them want to read.

I visited a friend who lives outside of Atlanta and we went to a cute bookstore in Decatur. I checked out their graphic novel section, but was kind of lost as to what to pick. I noticed Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds and thought it sounded familiar, so I decided to get it.

Turns out, I had remembered the title as a book I had wanted to read awhile back and realized it had been turned into a graphic novel.

The story concept is really interesting- out of grief and loyalty, Will is about to make a deadly decision. As he's taking the short elevator ride that will seal his fate, people start getting on at every floor. People that Will knows. People Will thought were dead.

This was an amazing, gut punch of a story. The illustrations were amazing, as well. It reaaaaaallllllly made me want to read the original book, though, which disappoints me in some way. Not that this makes it the book's fault, I just wish I wasn't left wanting more.

So, now, I am on a journey to read more graphic novels, especially some that aren't based on already established books. I want to take after my students and love them even. PLEASE, send me graphic novel recommendations here.

I also need a break because my John Adams book (part deux of my Presidential challenge) took me two long months...more on that later.

I give "Long Way Down" 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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