Belfast and Five Days At Memorial
The Alabama TakeAugust 16, 202200:45:43

Belfast and Five Days At Memorial

Taking It Down returns this week and as always starts by awarding the Done Up Real Good Listener of the Week as a thank you to a listener for their input (2:48). Then it's some short discussion on how much time we'll give to the upcoming HBO show House of the Dragon (3:52), Amazon Prime's The Rings of Power (6:57), and Disney+'s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (8:17). Next, Adam talks about watching South Park celebrate a long run (10:57) before shifting gears to discuss some of the movie Belfast as it recently became available on HBO Max (13:51). He gives his spoiler-free thoughts on Belfast to explain why it works so well as a movie. Finally the two hosts discuss the urgent, frightening, and well-paced drama on Apple TV+ Five Days at Memorial, which is based on the true events in a hospital in New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina (20:03). But it's more than just trauma porn, right?

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