MCU Casting Ideas, Adam Sandler as a Great, and the Movie Nope
The Alabama TakeAugust 02, 202200:53:38

MCU Casting Ideas, Adam Sandler as a Great, and the Movie Nope

Blaine, Adam, and Donovan award the Listener of the Week, who takes the team into being international (2:30)! Then the group has very specific ideas on how to cast Wolverine in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe adventures -- and it doesn't involve Taron Egerton (3:54).

Natalie joins the crew and the four hosts discuss the recent piece by head writer Patrick Akers which posits that Adam Sandler is one of the greatest (8:31). Is he? And what's his best performance? And here's the video referenced in the talk of Sandler's very early MTV days, pre-SNL.

After a break, Donovan and Blaine dissect the many threads of the new Jordan Peele film Nope (32:50). The podcast episode of Where's the Line? mentioned in that discussion can be found here on Apple and here in Spotify.

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