The 'Secret Invasion' Backlash and 'Oppenheimer' Discourse, Plus More
The Alabama TakeAugust 01, 202300:47:49

The 'Secret Invasion' Backlash and 'Oppenheimer' Discourse, Plus More

For this week's episode, the crew at Taking It Down go spoiler free for all of the discussions. The talks begin with an explanation of the upcoming August break for the podcast and a call to action from listeners (1:37). From there, it's a dive into the online backlash on Secret Invasion, particularly its recent finale (3:37). After that, Donovan makes a recommendation of the Max star-studded series Full Circle from writer and director Steven Soderbergh (12:15). The Max show reminds them that How To With John Wilson has returned; it's easy to talk about its brilliance (23:45).

After a break, it's an unpacking of Oppenheimer without spoilers, which leads to a big complaint of podcasts such as Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR and beyond (29:28). The podcast ends with some news on social media as well as what to do during the August break (45:36).

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