Takes on College Football: Against the Spread, Week Eight

web-countdownWe are not experts. If you go by these picks, you’re bound to be lose money, though it’s entirely possible that you’ll finally be able to pay off all those student loans! You never know! Ride the snake! Each week, two crazy, lazy writers at The Alabama Take give their best guess at the best bets with the lowest stress. It’s our college football picks of the week!

2018 ATS Record
Blaine Duncan: 12-8 (Week Seven: 1-2)
T.D. Wood: 11-10 (Week Six: 0-3)

Blaine Duncan
Ugh. Another 1-2 week and I’m starting to learn that my early season thoughts on some of these teams just aren’t playing out any more. I’m ready to put two straight weeks of more losses than wins behind me. And I’m also wondering exactly how good Iowa State is, but I’ll not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Michigan (-7) at Michigan State: My better senses are screaming at me to stay away from this one due to the rivalry nature of game, but I think that Sparty is one of the overrated teams after last week’s win over Penn State. It looked big (and certainly looks good for their record), but Penn State really should’ve done more than they did. All that, plus Michigan may  have put some of previous years’ woes behind them with QB Shay Patterson getting snaps. Give me Michigan in a ten-point (or more) win.

Cal at Oregon State (+7.5): In a bit of a homer move, I’m going with the Beavs this week. Not only are they a favorite team of mine and have, at times, proved to be a bettor’s friend, but also I think that they’ll get an upset win here due to being at home. Something tells me that Cal doesn’t even want to play this game, but Oregon State are more than ready to get a few more wins this year. Plus, one of my major themes this year is the home dog!

Cincinnati at Temple (-3): If you look at those little numbers that come before the university’s name or if you glance quickly at records, you will be swayed to take Cincinnati as a straight-up victor here. That won’t happen. Temple is actually an okay football team, and Cincinnati are just ripe for a loss. The Bearcats will lose on the road and the Owls will improve their 4-3 record.


T.D. Wood
Well shit, 0-3! So it goes. Intriguing set of games this weekend, the holiest of hate weeks. I am eagerly anticipating Dark Lord Saban gifting us a 12th(!) straight victory over the dastardly Volunteers.

Oregon at Washington State (-3): Hmm… good, not great, team wins a big game. Next game, said team must go into remote, barren region where a band of men under the command of a pirate prowl the land. I’ve seen this before. Mike Leach will steal your dreams and smile while your ship goes down. I like the Cougars.

Michigan at Michigan State (+7): I could say Michigan’s win over Wiscy made me think twice about them. I could, but I won’t. Here’s the thing: Michigan State’s pass defense is bad, but their run defense is excellent. The Wolverines can pass the ball, but they want to run the ball. If the Spartans can force Michigan into the air, this one could get crazy.

N.C. State (+17.5) at Clemson: The Wolfpack, much like Michigan St., are markedly more adept at stopping the run than the pass. Clemson should take advantage of this fact and win the game. However, three scores seems a bit high for a team as sneaky good at N.C. State, especially with their extremely potent passing attack.

Note: All games are Against the Spread. Odds are taken from the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook.

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