The Alabama Take Podcast – Episode 36 – A Tribute to Donnie Fritts

Most of this episode was recorded in a stairwell backstage at “A Celebration of the Life of Donnie Fritts” at Norton Auditorium in Florence, Alabama on October 3rd, 2019. The night featured many performers and friends singing the songs of Donnie Fritts. I was able to record some short conversations with many of the people involved. Andreas Werner, Ben Tanner, Donnie Lowery, Jimbo Hart, Jimmy Nutt, JM Van Eaton, Johnny Belew, Kimi Samson, Reed Watson, Russell Mefford, Shonna Tucker, Tonya Holly, Travis Wammack, John Paul White, and Will Trapp all shared something that they loved about Donnie with me.

You can listen via the web player below or find it on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc

Special thanks to Single Lock Records for the majority of the music that was used in this episode as well as Red Mouth for his cover of “She’s Got a Crush on Me”.

You can visit the Single Lock web store and buy Donnie’s last couple of albums here. 


JPW at Donnie Tribute

1 comment on “The Alabama Take Podcast – Episode 36 – A Tribute to Donnie Fritts

  1. Tonya Holly

    It was a wonderful celebration for Donnie. He was a dear friend to me. my husband Kelvin, our children and to so many. My family will always remember him. Thank you for doing this podcast.


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