Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 12 – The Best Movies of the Decade & The Good Place

What are the most important movies of the deacade? That and NBC's comedy The Good Place in this week's podcast.

It’s Taking It Down back for Episode Twelve where contributor to the site and cohost Adam Morrow helps Blaine break down the best movies of the decade (02:12). Then in the back half of the pod, Blaine sits with frequent guest and contributor Donovan Reinwald to discuss the recently wrapped first half of the final season of NBC’s The Good Place (47:02).



What are your favorite films of the decade? Which had the biggest impact on you? What makes your list? Let us know!

And have you watched The Good Place? Catch up with episodes on Netflix or the NBC app and join Donovan and Blaine as they talk about one of the best comedies of the last three years.

As always, feel free to use the player above to stream the episode or you can listen or download from any podcast provider that you wish! And if you have the time, please rate, subscribe, and review on your podcast provider, which is especially helpful on Apple Podcasts.

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Guests: Adam Morrow, Donovan Reinwald

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