Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 18 – McMillions, The Outsider, and Hunters

What's worth your television time?

Taking It Down is back and we are talking about all the television in the world! What have you been missing?

For Episode Eighteen, hosts Blaine Duncan and Adam Morrow talk general television to begin (1:14), which leads them to an insightful talk about the documentary series McMillion$ (11:06) — including a shout-out to their friend Frank Columbo! —  and more on The Outsider as it starts to unravel all of its mysteries (20:34).

For the second half of the podcast, they give their insight to Amazon Prime’s show Hunters, the adventure about a group of Jewish Holocaust survivors who track and punish Nazis in 1977 America (31:41).



Reach out to us and let us know what we are missing. Also, tell us your thoughts on  Hunters, The Outsider, and McMillion$.

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Cohost: Adam Morrow

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