The Alabama Take Podcast – Episode 46 – Philip Shouse

In this episode of the podcast, I’m talking to Philip Shouse. If you were around North Alabama in the late ’90s then you probably remember Subterriffic Chug-A-Lug out of Decatur.


We talked about his time with that band and where he ended up for a few years after he moved to Nashville. He co-founded Thee Rock and Roll Residency in Nashville around 2014 that lasted for several years. Then he got the chance to go on tour with one of his heroes – Gene Simmons. What was supposed to be 5 gigs turned into a couple of years worth of touring. Hear all about, touring with Ace Frehley, and his company  – Mutt Merch – in this episode.

The podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, etc…

Philip 1IMG_2813

1 comment on “The Alabama Take Podcast – Episode 46 – Philip Shouse

  1. Dude!! Great show! I’d Never heard of this podcast before. Jeff Sharp posted it on the BookFace…..
    BUT….. Philip and I go waaaaaay back to the Sub-T, The Herzogs, from our Auburn Brit-pop band tongue-in-cheek named “Hello”. I was the photo taking guy back in the late 90’s and I used to have these pics of Phil I wished I kept. Of him doing his model-esque hair throw… silly shit. But I’m glad I lost those because he could easily be blackmailed for some of them.
    Phil and I told everybody we were gonna “make it” and drove across the country to L.A. to try and make it big. We left with like 8 or 9 dudes. One group was the amazing B-ham based band before they were “Through the Sparks.” We had an AMAZING Piano player, guitarist, and song writer. And he turned out to be a real piece of shit who never showed up and left us high and dry. We drove back across the country in Phils Honda two-door Accord and he said as we were leaving Arizona from a shitass holiday inn, “Man, I’m gonna make it one day. I hope we can do it together, but dude, I’m gonna do it.”

    I always knew my friend would be something special. And funnily enough, I text him the day before this podcast and told him that I was so proud that he had made all right decisions to be the musician he deserves to be. He totally deserves everything that happened with Gene, Ace, and Thee RnRR.

    I love that dude like a big brother and miss being able to have crazy conversations about how awesome music is and quoting Mr. Show…
    Steven Hall Jr.

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