Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 41 – All Lovecraft! Color Out of Space, Lovecraft Country, and More


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For today’s Taking It Down, Donovan recounts his weekend of boating in Texas for a particular parade (1:12) before all three guys chime in on covid (2:03). Adam updates everyone on rumors and news from the casting of The Challenge (2:57), so if you’re spoiler adverse, skip that section to news about the movie Tenet and how drive-in movies are the new thing all over again (10:47). 

Donovan gives a deep dive into the story, warts and all, of author H.P. Lovecraft (15:55) before they discuss the 2019 Nic Cage movie Color Out of Space, which is based on a Lovecraft short story (26:58). 

After the break, the guys give their thoughts on the third and fourth episodes of the HBO show Lovecraft Country (42:50) and wrap the podcast with some spooky tales from a real Chicago bar (1:01:20). 

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Cohost: Adam Morrow

Guest: Donovan Reinwald

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