Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 42 – Book Club Announcement, a Deep Dive into New Music: Springsteen, Wilco, Tom Petty; Finally, Talk about Dune

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For today’s Taking It Down, you’ll find everything on the up and up other than Blaine and Adam having not done their homework! The gentlemen do offer a little respite: the new Taking It Down book club! For the month of October, everyone who wants can join Blaine, Adam, and Donovan in parsing the newly released The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones, set to be a gothic horror encounter. Count us in (2:33). The culmination of their reading will be on the episode on Tuesday, October 27th and just in time for Halloween.

The gents then try to put their finger on this covid crisis to no avail (6:19) before shifting into a segment all about new music of the week. They talk about Bruce Springsteen’s newest, “A Letter For Youk” and why it’s a dud (8:54), a conversation on how Wilco is doing it wrong when it comes to the reissue of Summerteeth (18:17), and how Tom Petty did it right with the upcoming and long-awaited Wildflowers reissue (24:46). But it’s not just reissues. The Flaming Lips have a few album. Will it be as as good as The Soft Bulletin (28:11)?

After the break the guys discuss the meaningless of the year’s college football slates so far (34:08) before they get into the meat of the show, which is the Dune trailer (42:38). There’s no way it’s not at least phenomenal. We shall see.

Lots to cover today!

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Guest: Donovan Reinwald

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