Taking It Down Podcast 52 – Reactions to Some TV News and Black Narcissus on FX

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Taking It Down this week covers topics far and wide! In the first segment, the group gives out some short takes with answers to these questions: why isn’t COVID in the list of Grammy nominations (1:26); what was it like for Saban to watch the Iron Bowl rather than coach it (1:47); why does CBS suck so badly at broadcasting college football (2:31); what does Wonder Woman: 1984 have to say for the world of streaming now that it will be on HBO Max on Christmas Day (8:05); what are our predictions for a David Lynch Netflix show (11:35); what about How To With John Wilson is so warm, lovable, and perfect (13:36); is The Mandalorian any good (20:56); and how did Fargo get so damn weird (27:27)?

After the break, Donovan helps to explore the FX series and film version of Black Narcissus (30:41).

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It’s Episode 51! We’ve made it this far!

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2 comments on “Taking It Down Podcast 52 – Reactions to Some TV News and Black Narcissus on FX

  1. How about that – CBS college football coverage gets raked over the coals (and deservedly so) on Taking it Down and less than two weeks later, the SEC ditches the network for Disney/ESPN! The only thing I’m going to miss from the CBS broadcasts is the theme song. Admittedly, however, I am a mute the TV/listen to Eli person, so the only thing that’s going to change from my perspective, hopefully, is fewer commercials.

    Fargo definitely mixed things up this season, and I think I’m going to have to rewatch it at some point to get a better grasp of it all. Some really great characters throughout. Jason Schwartzman’s Josto – a hapless goofball with an over-inflated ego – is in some ways reminiscent of a grownup version of his first major role, Max Fischer in Rushmore. Somewhat disappointed by how little Timothy Olyphant’s character factored into the season storyline; seems like there was a lot more potential there. Chris Rock was outstanding in an unfamiliar, “serious” role. I found Jessie Buckley’s character, at least in the early part of the season, to be pretty annoying, but that changed over time.

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    • We won’t take all the credit for getting CBS canned. That theme song is great and brings up good (and bad) memories. With my own admission, it’s rare that I even pay much attention to any commentator; it was definitely the ads that got under my skin with CBS. It is getting ridiculous.

      I love Jason Schwartzman and I think I loved him in this season of Fargo, but I’m with you: the more Tim Olyphant, usually the better. I can certainly see how Jessie Buckley’s character could’ve been found annoying. That seemed to be a major complaint from viewers this season, that there were a lot of annoying characters. For me, it was the bigger, but younger, brother of Josto and the Native American convict. I don’t know what it was about those two, but they made me cringe a lot. Well, I’ll say that Gaetano Fadda stopped being annoying when he and Josto started working together. Alas, that’s what got him accidentally killed. Typical Fargo, I guess. It was an odd season to say the least, but I didn’t regret watching it. That show is always entertaining and always amazing to look at.

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