Taking It Down 73: Mare of Easttown Episode Four and The Woman in the Window from Netflix

Mare of Easttown and The Woman in the Window coverage this week!

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Taking It Down comes at you just in time for the CDC’s announcement that vaccinated people can gather. What does that mean for us? Well, one of the crew hits the road, which opens the door for frequent guest host Natalie Morrow to sit in an empty chair (1:03)? Where is Adam? Natalie, Blaine, and Donovan talk some like music and, of all things, the Poke Salat Festival (1:27).

Then it’s a lot of praise and analysis on the fourth episode of the HBO phenom, Mare of Easttown, titled “Poor Sisyphus” (5:16).

The final segment for the week is about the Netflix movie The Woman in the Window, which went up on the streaming service Friday, May 14 — the questions to answer, though, is it any good and why or why not? (21:39).

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Mare of Easttown and The Woman in the Window

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4 comments on “Taking It Down 73: Mare of Easttown Episode Four and The Woman in the Window from Netflix

  1. 87 Jetta

    “I’d like you to meet award-winning English actor Guy Pearce.”
    “Hey, I know you – you’re the ShamWow guy!”


    Part of what’s making Mare of Easttown so compelling thus far is that from the viewer’s perspective, it’s so completely unpredictable. The writers clearly anticipate how a person sitting at home might speculate as to how the whole story unfolds, only to fool them with a curveball seemingly every episode. At this juncture, Erin’s uncles are looking suspicious. A couple of prolonged camera shots, an awkward conversation or two – all luring one in to assume that something is up with one or both of these guys. Red herring or no?

    The Woman in the Window was a bit of a disappointment. Cast Gary Oldman and give him, what, five total minutes of screen time?


    • Man, you’re telling me about Woman in the Window. I didn’t get it. Oldman wasn’t on screen enough to be in the credits, it sometimes felt. And yeah, I think the uncles in Mare are red herrings and we are full-on with Dylan being her killer and the other two girls being the problem of a more serially disturbed guy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 87 Jetta

        The Woman in the Window: a synopsis

        Jim Halpert’s ex Katy (the one who came to Dunder Mifflin to sell purses that time) is an agoraphobic child psychologist who refuses to leave her gigantic home in Manhattan, where a former UAH hockey player with famous parents lives in the basement. Gary Oldman, Maude Lebowski, and their awkward, weird ass kid move in across the street. After stalking the Oldmans in a half-assed Rear Window homage, Katy hits it off with Maude and the kid, but becomes suspicious of Gary. When Gary stabs Maude (or does he?), Katy calls the cops and all hell breaks loose. Turns out Gary’s real wife is Jennifer Jason Leigh, who says maybe two words the whole time. Oh and Katy’s family she talks to on the phone – yeah, they’re dead (or are they?). Turns out the Oldman’s weird kid was predictably, a murderous Norman Bates-esque psychopath.

        It sucked.

        Liked by 1 person

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