Short Takes: Author Brian Oliu

Short Takes with acclaimed author Brian Oliu!

It’s the fourth episode of Short Takes!

Short Takes with author and Internet personality Brian Oliu

For this episode of Short Takes: it’s guest Brian Oliu and his turn at four varied questions. With Brian, host Blaine Duncan talks toxic positivism, Internet personas, writing his new books, achievements in running (and how to accomplish more), collections, and educational theories. As always with each guest, Brian proffers what’s done up real good for him at the end, with an in-depth explanation on why.

Join us for the amusing and well thought conversation with one of the Internet and real world’s kindest authors.

Find Brian Oliu and his writings on his website as well as his fun projects online, including his personal Twitter, his Instagram, and his four-line poems about Tuscaloosa.

Order a copy of any of his from his website and get ready for his upcoming two releases: Body Drop: Notes on Fandom and Pain in Professional Wrestling and What Shot Did You Ever Take (with Jason McCall). They’re done up real good, too!

Short Takes is brought to you by The Alabama Take. Subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss an episode.

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