Short Takes: Musician Wanda Wesolowski

Short Takes with Wanda Wesolowski

It’s time for Episode Ten of Short Takes!

Short Takes with musician Wanda Wesolowski of Wanda

A true wonder of a musician, an excellent songwriter, and a pleasure to talk to, Wanda Wesolowski sits with Short Takes this week to talk about a variety of things: an upcoming live recording that you can be a part of, music with Jay Burgess of the Pollies, an excellent reply that wasn’t hurtful at all to her Instagram stories, queer love in Alabama, busking in Huntsville at age fourteen, and why what’s done up real good for Wanda involves coffee.

For more, such as finding all of Wanda’s show dates and ordering her instant hit One Hit, visit Wanda and her band’s website. To see those Instagram stories in action and to keep up to date on day-to-day Wanda life, follow her and her band on Instagram here.

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