Spies, Lies & Allies Recap: Uncle CT

Prepared for a shorter episode this week, we dove right back into the Josh/Fessy and Amber/Esther drama, which ended with hugs because friendship always wins on The Challenge. T.J. paid the house a visit, deactivated Fessy, which made Josh cry. Esther and Emy battled in The Lair, with Emy emerging victorious and stealing CT away from Berna, who ended up with Hughie as her partner.

Question 1: Emy volunteered to go into elimination for the chance to switch partners and she won. While it paid off for Emy, would you take that chance in her situation?

TD: No, not so early in the game. People always make these big moves a step or two too early, like Theresa last season. Particularly when there isn’t a skull twist. I get her reasoning, but I would wait at least until I was voted into elimination.

Blaine: I get it. She was going into elimination next time since she had Hughie as a partner. It was a bold move that paid off. Is Emy growing on me? I don’t know. She’s still annoying, but if anyone can make a challenger more endearing, it’s CT. I got to complain about Tori somewhere, so I may as well do it here. She deliberately wanted to start shit — how serious did she want the shit to be? Well, we can’t read minds, but calling it a “joke” is a Trump-esque comp out. I hope she ends up in elimination for her part in the bullshit that led to Fessy’s demise.

Adam: As much as I want to say it was too early, the vets won’t stop hounding rookie/rookie pairs. Emy had a pal in power, knew who her opponent would be, and knew it was physical. It wasn’t the worst strategy. I’m loving the partner picking part of eliminations. Its a big incentive to compete, and allows for a bigger variety of political strategy than the skull twist. Well done, producers.

Question 2: Scale of 1-10, how amazing of a nickname is Uncle CT?

TD: I’ll give it a solid 8. Gets enough of a chuckle, and fits the modern CT persona well enough. But what it lacks is an homage to the dominance of CT, to the sheer force of nature that is prime CT.

Blaine: I’m going with a 6.5. I found it off putting and irksome at first, but like Emy, it sort of grew on me. What I particularly like is that it gives CT a leg up: the image of a lovable CT who is there to shelter fellow players is one he could use to his advantage. For my hopes, Berna gets what’s coming and Hughie goes home; a large faction of the rookies were really unbearable this season. (Where do I complain about the damn rookies berating Amber for no good reason? They’ve known her, what, a week!?! Idiots.)

Adam: I’ll go 8.1, to be that guy, and because I am very high on her saying Mr. TJ at all times. She has clearly discerned who the legends are. CT was seen twice this week doing some mild politicking, which is rare. He usually doesn’t let the cameras catch him. Once was with Tori as they overheard a Berna conversation that Berna was having on an upstairs deck, without checking that anyone was directly under them. Berna sucks, and her mean girl spiel in confessionals is exhausting. The other was listening to Emy lay out her elimination plans. The fact that he didn’t’ get up and leave during that chat tells me he likes Emy. And if CT likes Emy, then Emy is fine by me. Also, Uncle CT was in bed during the entire Josh/Fessy incident, and had had no less than 3 coffees and a workout before the rest of the house got up the next morning. I will not be convinced otherwise. I am also positive that they let him cook his food first, every time, and that they’ve never had to speak aloud about it. It just is.

Question 3: Not a lot that actually happened this week, so let’s look a little to the future. It seems like this will be the end of the spy-themed trilogy; what tweaks to the theme/format would you like to see next season?

TD: I’d like to see one of two things: the first being my well noted wish of a champions-only season. If not that, then another Free Agents season would be cool. One of my favorite things about that season was how it changed the daily challenge format constantly. Or a battle of the seasons/shows format might be fun.

Blaine: In attempt to prognosticate last season, I thought that the showrunners would get around to a Challenge versus Big Brother sort of season, especially since Paramount owns both shows and would be good for branding. It could prove interesting; or, they could take that idea beyond, and have challenge regulars versus other shows. I’d watch that Big Brother alliance become more solidified only to fall by the hands of a Kyle, a CT, a Nany, or a Aneesa.

Adam: I think they should just ask Kyle and Devin what to do, as they are currently running the show on pretty much every level. I would love them to keep it simple for a season and go back to a Rivals format. Don’t fix what’s not broken. Daily winners get immunity, last place goes in, the house votes on their opponents. A direct copy of Free Agents would also be welcome. Don’t reinvent the wheel!

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