Spies, Lies & Allies Recap: The Cave of the Wolf

It’s the weekly coverage of The Challenge!

Kyle was the star of the show this week, and did he make it count. His boneheaded move in the daily made him public enemy number one. Then he turns around and sends Josh home in an elimination and rejoins Sapphire.

Question 1: What in the world was Kyle thinking? He gave us a weak explanation about not trusting CT, but…

TD: He, er… wasn’t? I mean, if his intention was to strike before being struck, he has no sense of timing. I wonder sometimes if Kyle does dumb shit just because he’s bored. He’s an artist, he can feel the opportunities for good television.

Blaine: Boy, am I glad that Kyle gets away with some dumb shit because he is entertaining in a good way (and not entertaining in a bad way, a la Fessy and Josh). How does Kyle last this long? Winning two eliminations certainly helps, but a lot of people on the show like him despite his snake-like ways and dumb ass maneuvers. I don’t know if I buy his reasoning. Maybe he sincerely wasn’t thinking.

Adam: I agree with TD. There was no good reason for him to do what he did, other than chaos and boredom. But it sure did work, and produced the best daily of the season. It became a true reminder of what makes the Challenge great, in a season that has been a little bland at times. All of that yelling, all of the emotions boiling over, and the instant possibility of high speed physical contact with your enemy. Thanks, Kyle!

Question 2: Devin really blew up on Tori; did she deserve it?

TD: No. She played the game, and Devin got in his feelings because things didn’t go exactly his way. He seems more upset that he possibly, could’ve, maybe have gone into elimination. It’s not like she would’ve said his name if Ruby had won.

Blaine: I cannot wrap my head around the emotional explosions this season. I think because there was so much comradeship between the vets to begin the season that it has caused their feelings to get involved now that almost no rookies are left to weed out. Devin took this too personally; he should’ve looked at it as just a move from a competitor and not as a personal attack on any sort of friendship he and Tori have.

Adam: It made no sense to me. Once Kyle did what he did, Tori went into survival mode. I’ve seen it pointed out that Emerald is made up of folks who have come this close to the Final, or gone and lost; the added pressure of knowing this is a perfect scenario for them, one they might never get again, seems to be cooking them a bit. They’re that much more anxious and ready to lash out. But Devin of all people should understand what’s happening in the game.

Question 3: Did Kyle make the right choice by going back to Sapphire?

TD: He could’ve taken Emanuel’s spot on Emerald and joined his buddy Devin, but aligning with CT is never a bad idea. He just needs to keep it between the lines and not piss off CT. If he’s gonna make a play, do it right before the final. Or just ride CT’s coattails into the finals and hope for the best.

Blaine: That’s a good question. I don’t know that the numbers aren’t a bit more important in spite of Sapphire’s win with only three this week. Joining back with CT is always a smart move, and perhaps keeping a friend like Devin on another team is the way to work into a final. All that said, though, and I’m curious how Emanuel hasn’t been thrown into elimination now. Is he has dangerous as they’ve let on in confessionals? I’m not sold yet.

Adam: Sure. Ruby seems cursed and Emerald is falling apart. The smart move now is to just stay in line and be CT’s lieutenant all the way to the Final, barring some twist. I don’t think CT is thrilled he’s back, but Kyle isn’t Big T, so he won’t be too up in arms.

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