Spies, Lies & Allies Recap: Riverdance

This week we spent more time on the Tori/Devin drama, for some damn reason. We also saw what a million dollars actually looks like, and it was impressive. Emerald won, yet again, and voted Big T into elimination. She chose to go against Emy, and even though it looked like Big T would win, Emy outlasted her to stay in the game. She chose to stay with Uncle CT and Kyle on Sapphire.

Question 1: Now that we’ve had some significant time with it, how do you feel about this season’s format?

TD: I haven’t been the biggest fan, honestly. I understand that losing cell members is a part of the game, but I feel like the daily missions have been too easy for the team with the numbers advantage. Emerald has won all but one of the dailies since the cells were formed, and it has taken some intrigue out of the season.

Blaine: It was pivotal that Nelson voiced the numbers issue. As I was sitting at home, I was wondering if anyone would. Adjustments are needed to the format if they want to keep cells for this long. It lost steam quickly. Kudos to Nelson — not known for using his brain a lot — for pointing that out during the show.

Question 2: What dance would you want everyone to do for your Challenge birthday party?

TD: The stanky legg, for sure.

Blaine: None! Dancing is too close to sex.

Question 3: Emy won her 4th (!) elimination of the season. Her personality might not be for everyone, but there’s no denying her grit and the results that have come from it. How do you like her chances in a final?

TD: At some point, you have to stop doubting and just admire her success. That said, I’m still not sure she’d do all that great in a final where she didn’t have a team to hide her weaknesses. She’s an elimination beast, for sure, but would that translate to the grueling monster that is the final?

Blaine: Dang. Four in a row calls for me to rethink Emy a bit. With proper coaching during a final, she could do well. And since the males don’t go up against the females, you have to think CT would be okay with pushing her to the end. I like her to do really, really well now, assuming she doesn’t get thrown into elimination again. Geez. Wouldn’t that suck?

Question 4: OK, been a few weeks since we asked, so give me one male and one female pick for this season’s champ.

TD: It’s pretty hard to pick against CT on the men’s side. That said, while I don’t think the cells will be part of the final, I could see Emerald throwing CT into an elimination in an attempt to get rid of him before the final. On the other side, Kaycee seems like a runaway choice.

Blaine: I’m going with Nany in a moment where Kaycee, with undying love, sacrifices herself in some fashion to get Nany the win. It’ll be great. (Maybe.) For the guys, I won’t take CT since TD picked up, though that’s a great choice. Give me Kyle! The guy can get it done when he really wants. He’s finished very well in various finals, so he’s due a win.

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