Spies, Lies & Allies Recap: Drop Dead

This week's coverage of The Challenge!

A solid episode this week that saw CT single-handedly win the daily for Sapphire. Sapphire then picked Logan to go in the Lair, and Logan picked Emanuel to face-off against. Emanuel outlasted Logan in an endurance-based elimination, pulling a minor upset. T.J. ended the episode by dropping a nuclear bombshell twist — the eliminations weren’t done for the evening, and two more contestants will be sent home when the smoke clears. But, we won’t find out how that plays out until next week.

Question 1: OK, are we not getting trivia this season? What the hell?!?!?

TD: Look, did we skip it because of all the new people? First, that’s dumb because we’ve had non-Challenge related trivia games before. Second, who gives a shit if they’re new? If you’re going to be involved in a competition, you should probably have a basic knowledge of its history. We were robbed. (No, I don’t care that All-Stars is going to have a trivia episode.)

Blaine: TD mentions it, but not only did I wonder the same thing last night but I also surmised it was because they’re trying to keep some games specific to All Stars. That certainly makes sense with All Stars airing simultaneously. This daily challenge proved to be excellent with intensity and watchability; I’m okay with no trivia this time out.

Adam: The only logic I could see is the obvious language barrier disadvantage, but this is not a show that has ever been all that concerned with level competition. Maybe they don’t want these international folks getting frustrated and embarrassed (and potentially eliminated after a daily loss), and never coming back on? I don’t know. Logan seems openly spiteful of the English language, and its always a little tough to watch Emy and Emanuel have to communicate in English for the cameras.

Question 2: CT not only looks as good as he ever has, but he might the best he’s ever been. He’s the favorite to win this season, which would give him 5 Challenge titles. Will he catch Johnny Bananas, who holds the record with 7 titles?

TD: I mean, it’s tough to win a Challenge, let alone the 3 (including this season) CT would need to catch Bananas. But he just looks so physically dominant, and he grows more politically savvy every season. There’s a lot of young guys with potential, and I imagine we’ll see Bananas again, if only for an official swan song. I’d say no, he doesn’t, but that won’t stop him from being recognized as THE Challenge G.O.A.T.

Blaine: I’ve thought about this one a ton. I’m going with no as the answer. He won’t beat Johnny’s record of seven titles simply because he’s reportedly getting into acting now. That would have to be more lucrative and easier. We all know what happens when someone — be it singer, wrestler, athlete — gets into acting. It’s not long before that’s all that he/she does. CT dominated this week, though. He’s avoided elimination. We’ll see for how long next week.

Adam: CT turned back the clock on the daily this week. That’s as impressive a performance as he’s given in years, and even more so because (pre-twist) he won when it mattered most. Just absolutely clutch. That is an athlete. I don’t see how he doesn’t win this season. Logan would’ve been great in a Final, Kyle can always hang around, and Emanuel looks like the type of athlete that would excel there, but you’ve gotta go experience here with CT. That said, winning 2 more will be tough. But, like TD said, he is in incredible shape, so let’s hope he can do it. I’d love to see a season of CT going for 7, and Bananas returning in an attempt to add some distance to his record with an 8th. And then Cory wins the season or something.

Question 3: Emanuel was impressive in a tough elimination. How does that change your opinion on his prospects in a final, if at all?

TD: Gotta say, I thought Logan had him, for sure. Emanuel did disappoint in the daily mission, and I’m not sure he could handle a strength challenge or a puzzle better than someone like CT. But the kid keeps hanging around, and anyone who can run well has a puncher’s chance in the final.

Blaine: He’s got potential, there’s no doubt. We all know that a final, though, requires a lot of experience. Does Amber B win last season without CT’s help? I’m not so sure. As for Emanuel, I liked him, but some of his shtick has gotten banal. He’s like Kyle minus the time earned to land all of the punchlines. Surely he goes home next week — how can he not be exhausted?

Adam: He reminds me a bit of Jordan. Jordan Lite. He must also remind Tori of Jordan. I do think Jordan shines in this week’s daily, though, and we haven’t seen Emanuel have to figure out a pure strength exercise, as TD said. So emphasis on the Lite. He’s about to be at a severe disadvantage, if they make him compete again in this purge style elimination. I wish TJ would tell us how long these endurance events last. I bet those fellas ran a lot of laps. And now he’s going to fight for his life on wobbly legs.

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