Questions for Taking It Down!

Send in your questions!

This Tuesday, December 14th, Taking It Down will celebrate its 100th episode!

And to help the show commemorate the previous 99 dumb podcasts, we want you to help! Send in your questions and/or thoughts and we’ll read them on the show, answer all of them, and call you by name, if you wish. Pop culture questions work well, but we’re likely to answer any!

We appreciate all of our listeners whom we’ve garnered over the years. Be a part of the next episode and type a question in the comments, DM a question in social media, or email us some at TheAlabamaTake@gmail.com.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you all!

Send ’em in!

2 comments on “Questions for Taking It Down!

  1. *I’ll admit that this is an uninspired throwaway question, but for the past two-and-a-half years, you three have obviously covered a number of television series from multiple networks and streaming services – what would you consider to be your personal Top Three? No specific criteria, just the three shows that you enjoyed most.

    *How much discussion takes place among the three of you prior to the podcast episodes? Do you decide as a group which shows or films to watch?

    *Has the group ever started viewing a series that turned out to be so godawful that you just couldn’t stomach seeing it through to the end?

    *”Donovan Reinwald” could be the name of a comic book supervillain’s alter ego. What are his powers? What has caused him to be so angry that he has chosen to become a supervillain in the first place? Who is his arch-nemesis? Discuss.

    *Does Bo Nix have college football’s most punchable face?

    *For those who delve in the abysmal morass that is the Twitterverse, who are some Alabama-related accounts that are worth following?

    *When can we expect a Blaine Duncan & the Lookers reunion show?

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