Takin’ on Sports — Weekend Six Pack

Six thoughts about the sports world from the week that was and the weekend ahead.

Welcome once again to the Weekend Six Pack, six thoughts about the week that was and the weekend to come in the sports world.

ALABAMA IS ONCE AGAIN YOUR SEC CHAMPION — The Crimson Tide rolled over the previously invincible Georgia Bulldogs to win their second straight, and 29th overall, SEC Championship. The Tide’s O-line played their best game of the year, allowing Bryce Young to go nuts and more than likely lock up the Heisman trophy. The rest of the country could be heard collectively yelling, “Dammit! Not these mother fuckers again!” This season has been too crazy to know anything for certain, but that Alabama team that played in Atlanta isn’t likely to lose to anyone.

Oh, the Crimson Tide wasn’t done there — Across the country in Seattle, Alabama men’s hoops upset #3 Gonzaga, and did it in style. That is a hell of a victory for such a young team, and they’re only going to get better. Nate Oats has brought about an exciting time for Bama basketball. The women are off to an 8-2 start, as well.

What’s next for Georgia? — Look, the Dawgs could very well still win the national title. They’re in the playoff, they have time to recover and reset. But, I feel like it was a case of a team getting exposed rather than a team having a bad day. I alluded to it on the college football preview episode of Taking It Down, but I don’t think Georgia gets over the hump until Kirby Smart has his Nick Saban/Lane Kiffin moment and gets an offensive coordinator that runs a more modern offense.

More college coaching chaos — Mario Cristobal left Oregon for Miami. Oklahoma hired Clemson DC Brent Venables. There’s a rumor that Chip Kelly is Oregon’s top target (LOL). What a year.

They don’t know what the hell they want to do with the CFP expansion — After announcing the field (#1 Alabama vs. #4 Cincinnati, #2 Michigan vs #3 Georgia), the talk turned right back to expanding the playoff. Thing is, the powers that be can’t agree on how that will happen. Do they go eight or 12 teams? Do the Power 5 champs get auto-bids? Or should it be the highest five or six ranked conference champs? I didn’t mind the proposal that was announced in the summer. I think a just way to do a 12-team field would be to grant bids to the top eight ranked conference champs, with four at-large berths. But, that ain’t happening, because the P5 won’t go for it. By the way, after OU and Texas bolt, can we really call the Big 12 a “power” conference anymore?

Will Anderson was robbed and not only should he be a Heisman finalist, but he should win the damn thing — The only thing I’ll add is that Heisman voting needs a makeover. The “finalists” you’ll see in New York aren’t true finalists, rather the top vote getters. They really need to go to a system that actually names five finalists, and then voters pick from that group.

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