Taking Bets: Week 4 – Down to Earth

It's our weekly predictions of college and N.F.L. football against the spread!

Last week, TD came back down to earth. Blaine made a move towards improvement. And this season, the two will include an N.F.L. game per week. There’s nothing like chasing that dollar with some make-up bets on Sunday (or Monday). Check in with The Alabama Take every Friday afternoon to see what our bettors think are the sure wins football. 


2022 ATS Record
Blaine Duncan: 5-6 (Week Three: 3-1)
TD Wood: 6-5 (Week Three: 2-2)

Blaine Duncan
It’s going to take a lot of 3-1 weeks to get my winning percentage looking right. I’m ready. 

Florida (+10.5) at Tennessee — The Gators had too much trouble with South Florida last weekend, but for an SEC game, they’ll be more ready. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Florida get a road win in Knoxville this weekend in what could be a close game. 

Oregon (-6.5) at Washington State — Two things here: Oregon is putting together better games than when Georgia thrashed them (which could happen to any team this season) and Washington State is a bit overvalued due to a good win a couple of weeks ago in Wisconsin. The Ducks will win by 10.    

Tulsa at Ole Miss (-21.5) — Every season, there’s a team that you ride nearly to the finish and just bet every week. It’s looking like Lane Kiffin’s Ole Miss team is the one this season. They’ll liable to put up 35 points or more on Tulsa. 

NFL Game of the Week: Chiefs (-5.5) at Colts — It seems like the Colts don’t have much going for them and the Chiefs are trying to put together a Super Bowl run again. Give me Pat Mahomes every time. 


TD Wood
I’ll take the loss on App State considering the ending that game gave us, but the Rams were up 21 in the 4th and let the Falcons score 17 unanswered for the backdoor cover. So, I end up 2-2 on the week. Not cool, Rams, not cool. As for this week, looks like Blaine and I are on the same train of thought, as we have three picks in common.

Florida (+10.5) at Tennessee — I know the Vols have been humming along, but I still don’t trust them with a double digit line against SEC competition. Particularly in a rivalry game. It should be a slugfest like their game against Pitt.

Tulsa at Ole Miss (-21.5) — The Rebels’ offense is flying high, and the defense has only allowed 13 points in three games. Tulsa, meanwhile, has given up 92 points in three games. Even if the Rebels’ defense let’s in a few scores, I don’t see their offense being slowed down much.

Texas at Texas Tech (+7)  Lubbock is a strange, strange place, and the Red Raiders are a completely different team when they play there. I think Sark will have the Longhorns back to where they want to be, eventually, but the talent gap isn’t quite wide enough to guarantee a blowout in this one, yet. Tech’s defense is better than you think, and they beat themselves last week against NC State. Texas should pull it out in the end, but I would not at all be shocked if Tech pulls the upset.

NFL Game of the Week: Chiefs (-5.5) at Colts — Man, the Colts are bad. They had to overcome a 20-3 deficit against the Texans in Week 1 to settle for the tie, then they got shutout by Jacksonville last weekend. It ain’t getting easier this weekend. The Kansas City offense is what we thought it would be, but they won last week’s showdown with the Chargers with their defense. That’s a scary thought for the rest of the AFC.


Note: All games are Against the Spread. Odds are taken from the Caesar’s Sportsbook.

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