Takin’ on ‘The Challenge’: Come Michele or High Water

We are back with our much-beloved recaps of MTV's seminal reality show, The Challenge.

This week began with the aftermath of last week’s episode, where Jay & Michele won and proceeded to piss off the entire house with their elimination nominations. Well, guess who won this week? None other than Jay & Michele, once again. And, once again, they managed to annoy a significant portion of the cast with their nominations. In the end, Laurel & Jakk were sent home by Aneesa & Jordan, and Jordan is hellbent on revenge for having his name called.

Question 1: Last week Jay & Michele made everyone mad with their horrible decision making, and this week Michele couldn’t handle the pressure of power. Let’s say they win again, tell me how they’ll manage to piss everyone off next time.

TD: Because Michele doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, they’ll nominate based on alphabetical order. Nelson somehow misinterprets this and tries to fight Jay.

Blaine: Out of sheer terror — and who wouldn’t be afraid after that performance and stare down? — they put Jordan & Aneesa back in. Jordan & Aneesa proceed to dominate the elimination, and everyone is furious, because who doesn’t like Jordan & Aneesa?

Adam: Well, I guess since the vets aren’t going to become unpissed, they could throw in Faysal, Nelson, and Amber’s teams, and Horacio/Olivia. I could see them having a serious conversation about how this would balance things out and everyone could move on. It would also be a nice cover to do literally anything to avoid Jordan after that all time elimination performance. Jordan took the time to remind Jay of his mistake, called his shot, even describing how he’d do it (arc it over Jakk), and then nailed it first try. That is as good as it gets! Jay should be very anxious about what comes next, because he was scared of Jordan and did make an emotional decision that he surely realizes now was biting off more than they can handle.

Question 2: Laurel seemed to be far off of her game this season, and not the usual killer competitor she’s been in the past. Why do you think that is?

TD: I wonder if this season’s format had something to do with it. Maybe it put her too at ease having a Jakk with her. In years past, Laurel worked best when she took on a “me against the world” attitude; but having such a close friend with her seemed to make her soft. Who knows? Maybe she just doesn’t have the killer instinct anymore.

Blaine: I sincerely have wonders about the love-life factor. Did the Horacio (and then Faysal) have something to do with that? She seemed mentally deflated at times.

Adam: She has checked off some serious real life boxes since we’ve seen her, right? Finishing up challenging schooling and heading towards a career she is presumably passionate about. Between getting a little older and that, maybe her perspective has softened. But if there had been any physical challenges or eliminations with any of the women, I still take Laurel. Maybe it was like TD said, the format just got her.

Question 3: Fessy hooked up with Colleen, and she was eliminated. Next he shared a bed with Laurel, then she went home. Who gets the Messy Fessy kiss of death next?

TD: Because there’s a history already there, and because it would make for some spicy television: Tori. Jordan declared war on Jay & Michele this week, let’s get him to DEFCON 1.

Blaine: I would love TD’s idea simply for the drama, but I’d go with Olivia. Ol’ Fess is going after ladies whom he’s not as familiar with, which makes sense: surely everyone knows his game now. I swear, that boy would put his dick in a moving hole in a wall. No gumption!

Adam: Faysal becomes confused and pursues Moriah, therefore eliminating himself.

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