Spies, Lies & Allies Recap: Messy

Oh man, this week's episode of The Challenge was high on drama. A lot of hurt feelings, a lot of yelling about snakes and stabbing, a lot of T.J. being absolutely over this shit. Corey L and Michele finally bit the dust, while Hughie was an obnoxious ass in victory. The Big Brother alliance imploded, Kyle and Devin got into it, and Amber is now on the warpath.

Question 1: Josh is clearly an actor that MTV has placed on the show, right? There is no way that someone can be that unlikeable without being a racist or something.

TD: I'm beginning to believe this theory that I've just made up. Did you see the way he ran with him arms straight down at his side? There's just too many annoying/aggravating personality traits for him to be a real person. I mean, I've already forgotten what made me ask this question in the first place.

Adam: I have to admit that I am being very forgiving to Josh this season. As the tension between him and Fessy rises, I feel compelled to pick a side, and the choice is easy. Plus, he's defending Amber, and I discovered I'm a big Amber fan when Fessy threw her in last night. But the running thing? We talked about that as it happened, and laughed and laughed and laughed at his straight arms.

Blaine: I remember the first season I encountered Josh; I was late to the party with The Challenge fandom after years away from the show. I sort of felt sorry for the big lug. But, wow. His explosions are TV-worthy every time because they're so unhinged and without thought. I appreciate that he keeps returning season after season. These producers know when they have television gold. His insanely bitter antics in the Lair prove that he's all emotion and no brain. It's hard to believe that he'd won Big Brother, and I never would've guessed it had it not been for Fessy mentioning it in this episode in order to explain that Josh sees "the bigger picture." Yeah? Okay.

Question 2: Can you think of a worse way to spend an evening than watching the Nelly/Florida Georgia Line CMT Crossroads episode?

TD: I would rather watch an Auburn/Tennessee national title game.

Adam: The DVR saves me again (is it even called that anymore?). I only had to deal with giant VMA ads taking up 1/3rd of the screen.

Blaine: Thank God I'm always several minutes behind and am able to fast forward through most early commercials.

Question 3: Did Devin overreact, or is he in the right to be upset at Kyle for eliminating him during the daily?

TD: I mean, I get being mad at the plan going to shit, but it was only a daily and it's too early for it to mean much. Kyle made a dumb move, for sure; you gotta pull that card much later in the game. Now he's shown his hand, and everyone who calls him a snake is validated.

Adam: I think it was a total overreaction. Ashley dropped Nelson and it got laughs, but Kyle gets crucified. It may work out to their advantage that the Nelsons of the world see things in simple terms and assume Devin and Kyle will be going for each other now; those two can use that perceived beef to their advantage later. It was also a bait and switch by the editors on where the real tension is developing. This argument is nothing compared to what's brewing in Big Brother world.

Blaine: I'm glad this question is posed because I was hoping for a quick resolution to this Kyle/Devin fracture. It seemed like a really stupid move on Kyle's part, but I hope in the replay, Devin sees that it really was a "heat of the moment" decision and not as harsh as everyone, including Devin, made it out to be.

Question 4: What was your favorite part of the Josh/Fessy blow up?

TD: T.J. whipping out the phone for a quick scroll of his favorite social media app. He had the face of someone stuck at work function when that coworker starts in on their bullshit again.

Adam: I really thought they may physically go at it. Security took a while to get there. Fight! Fight! Fight! But yes, TJ checking his phone was the best part. The preview of next week leads me to believe the best is yet to come here. Gasoline (alcohol) is hitting this fire soon.

Blaine: T.J. telling them to shut up with some edited cursing.

Question 5: While there are a couple of rifts within the vet alliance, they still eliminated a rookie team and created a new one to target next week. Which rookie do you think can withstand the alliance and make a deep run?

TD: I like Berna's chances, especially considering she's partnered with CT. She's a good physical competitor -- maybe good enough to warrant CT protecting her politically. If CT thinks you're useful as a partner, he'll keep you around. He's not an idiot, if someone can help you, you keep them around. Berna could ride that Big T wave, and roll with CT towards the final. She just has to remember that he will absolutely cut her rope should it benefit his game.

Adam: I think Berna can hang around, too. She seems to have the best shot of the women. I understand the reason Amber didn't pick up CT this week, I get it, but how great would it have been to see them roll everyone in dailies for a few weeks? On the guys' side, Ed is still looking strong and keeping his head down, as is Logan. They both have what it takes physically to survive an elimination, to the point that the vets may turn on each other before they choose to go against one of them, and they are building up decent political protection with some clever flirting and well timed silence.

Blaine: Logan, Emanuel, and Ed all create the least amount of waves with the vets, both in good and bad ways. But you have to give it to Ed. He's ingratiated himself so well in just a few short weeks that he seems like a vet already. I think that he makes the final. Which gives me a chance to say that Emanuel is giving some Kyle-quality confessionals, so I hope he sticks around at least a little longer. And poor, idiot Hughie. He surely doesn't last much longer. He hasn't shown that he is a fit for The Challenge in any way: politically, socially, mentally, and physically. He almost blew it by dropping that damn key. Wow.

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