Spies, Lies & Allies Recap: The Threat

This week, amongst a lot of yelling and finger-pointing and vows of vengeance, we we said goodbye to Berna and Hughie after an intense elimination. The daily looked pretty fun as well. Also, Priscilla made waves and changed the complexion of the game going forward with her partner selection.

Question 1: Priscilla takes Josh after her elimination win, leading to a lot of shocked faces and noise. She chose Josh specifically because he was Ashley's partner, and Ashley slighted (?) Priscilla during deliberation. What's your take on all this mess?

TD: First, I don't understand why everyone acting like this was some earth-shattering move. It was the only move, right? Jeremiah and Priscilla had to split up, or else they were almost certainly getting voted into elimination next week. And you obviously then can't go and choose another rookie partner, so you have to steal a vet. Hence, there would be no more rookie-rookie teams, and the game within the game would be on. I was just caught off by their reactions, I guess. Now, what did warrant a reaction was Ashley's reaction. That look on her face was something. Pissed off Ashley is the Ashley that wins titles. I also think Ed is a really good partner for her. Priscilla may have poked the bear here.

Blaine: I'm with TD. This felt played up in editing. It wouldn't surprise me if production even asked Priscilla to explain her choice thoroughly for dramatic effect. It does give me an opportunity to repeat how annoying Ashley is. Her "threat" during deliberations could've been worded in a way which wouldn't have made Priscilla angry. It's too early not to lay low, but that's Ashley. Also as it turns out, Berna was much more angry at CT than she let on.

Question 2: What Challenge-related thing would you do to hang out on T.J.'s yacht? Go against CT in Hall Brawl? Eat a moose testicle? Sit in the same room as Josh for 30 minutes?

TD: What do you think T.J. does to relax on his yacht? Bond movies? A little causal BMX ride around the deck? Imagine the honor. I'd probably suffer through a partnership with Amanda for the chance to hear T.J. tell me I killed it.

Blaine: The yacht quip was high quality T.J. He's the best. I think that I'd listen to Emy's music for a chance to hang.

Question 3: As said above, there are no more rookie-only teams. Here are the teams after episode's end: Amanda/Kyle, Amber/Devin, Ashley/Ed, Bettina/Cory, Big T/Nelson, "Uncle" CT/Emy, Emanuel/Kaycee, Jeremiah/Tori, Josh/Priscilla, and Logan/Nany. Out of those ten teams, give me three you like as favorites going forward.

TD: I really do think Ashley and Ed make a formidable team, but the tease leads me to believe it could be short-lived as ashley may be a target. Same can be said for CT and Emy. Emy has shown she's scrappy, and CT is CT. But the team that might run this game for awhile? Amber and Devin. Devin has his physical limitations, but this is a team that can politic their way to the end.

Blaine: This week Amber showed why a few of the castmates have their gripes about her; I could see it this week, but it's still a bit of a stretch for the rookies. Her (almost) volunteering for elimination was stupid to voice even if she was thinking it. I'm going to say that enough people seem to think badly of Amber to the point of putting her in elimination; hence, she may not last. Also, it's hard to repeat as champion. To avoid the obvious choice of Emy and CT, I'll pick the vampiric Emanuel and Kaycee. They have potential. And even if Emanuel is a rookie, he's still ingratiating himself with the vets much like Ed. (It's something that I don't even think of Ed as a rookie. What a season he's having!)

Blaine Duncan
Blaine Duncan
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