Spies, Lies & Allies Recap: Titanic

Question 1: Are doughnuts really the breakfast of losers?

TD: Funny that Cory was the one to say that, he of exactly zero (0) Challenge titles. He is dead wrong, of course. Doughnuts are the absolute best, and I will not be moved on this. Look, I love bacon and eggs and biscuits and all that, but those make me wanna get back in bed. Give me a cream-filled or something with sprinkles any day and I'm good to go.

Blaine: Cory didn't bother pointing out that her plate had plenty of fruits on there as well! I'll eat the H out of a donut and am craving one right now.

Adam: I'm a black coffee and keep moving kind of guy (moving=getting another cup and sitting back down on the couch), but the occasional doughnut isn't going to hurt Big T's gainz, and she had every right to be mad. I don't know if it'll help keep her in the game down the stretch, but she has clearly been working out and getting ready. Maybe Cory would still be in the game if he'd chilled out with a doughnut!

Question 2: During the daily, Ruby Cell told Amanda to basically stand to the side and let them work -- and then they got mad at her for doing exactly that. Later, they had a blow up where she pretty much told them she'd throw missions. Any predictions on how this will end?

TD: Poorly. It will be a damned fun watch, that's for sure. Amanda will absolutely do what she can to help her girl Ashley, a member of the Sapphire team. That said, next week should be a female elimination day, so Ruby could try to throw it and get her into the Lair. If that happens, the winning team would be foolish to vote her in, instead of keeping her around and taking advantage of her disfunction.

Blaine: Depending on how long their memories last, my guess is that this would be Amanda's demise. Surely she'll be in the Lair over it; however, did she deserve it? Maybe some. Even if they did say for her just to stay out of the way, she could've done something.

Adam: I really don't understand how Cory and Nelson haven't figured Amanda out by now. They have been on this show so many times together. She is one of the few genuine agents of chaos. They have played some awful games (Team Young Bucks 4 Life!), but this is up there. Of course if you treat her like that, she'll actually call you on it, and I don't blame her. She even made a few attempts to help with rope management and got yelled at. Why should she care? Assuming the team with two more people continues winning games where having more people is a distinct advantage, you gotta think Big T's time is coming. How Amanda and Ashley factor into that should make for some great drama.

Question 3: Logan is now 2-0 in eliminations, and made a shrewd move by taking Kyle's place on the Sapphire team, aligning himself with CT, Ashley and Emy. Is he starting to threaten for best rookie season ever?

TD: It's easy to have recency bias, with rookie champs like Amber and Jenny in recent seasons. Obviously we'll have to wait to see if Logan can repeat that success, but two elimination wins are impressive in any season, be it your first or tenth. Perhaps what is setting Logan apart is his influence on the game. He's a presence in both daily missions and in the house, asserting himself and not just coasting by or lurking in the shadows like a lot of rookies who have gone far have done in the past.

Blaine: I didn't realize until this week that Logan was as good of a player as he is. Fessy, too, had an impressive rookie season making it to the finals in his first chance; it'll be up to Logan on how much he can overshadow Fessy as one of the better male rookie competitors. I believe switching out of Ruby Cell is the first move to make it happen.

Adam: Maybe most impressive is how much Logan is playing the game like a vet. He is influencing proceedings and being assertive, like TD notes, but it's in a way that doesn't draw too much flak. He would be an absolute force to reckon with in a Final. If he can make it there, it turns an already impressive rookie season into one of the greats.

Question 4: We absolutely need a "Best Friends" season where Cory and Nelson team up to finally get their Challenge title, right?

TD: It's funny, I don't think I've ever really rooted for them to win a final before, but I would absolutely cheer for them in that kind of format.

Blaine: I've got no issues with either of the guys, but sometimes I wonder if their friendship is a horrible idea. How often does that get them in trouble while they're only looking out for each other?

Adam: Their shtick got pretty old this season. Cory stirred the pot and got mad when he became a target, which is something he would have done 8 seasons ago. I thought he'd learned. I'd love to see a Best Friends format, but I still think these guys would find a way to implode, or be sitting on a beach somewhere, staring at an incomplete puzzle as three other teams paddled away to one of Mr. TJ's yachts on a final purge day.

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