Takin' On 'The Challenge: All Stars': "Waiting For A Star To Fall"

If you're to deduce one thing from this season of The Challenge: All Stars, it's one of these: almost everyone hates Cara Maria or almost everyone is scared shitless of Cara Maria. 

I'm guessing the latter. 

I watched this week's episode more carefully than perhaps I usually do because I keep searching for the clues that Cara Maria is as bad of a person as they say. And by "they," I mean Nicole and Laurel more so than others. Kam has it out for her, too, but Kam's rivalry appears more about the game than anything beyond. The most I can summarize is that Cara may be annoying to live in a house with for weeks on end, but an entity of evil out to destroy the world as we know it? Hardly. If Nicole and Laurel continue to claim that Cara Maria is horrible, it's time for them to produce the receipts. 

The week begins with some partying at the pool as Kam notes that they can all get along. (Um, can they?) It's been said here and everywhere else, but Leroy's a gem. His reaction here to Kam's notion that their lil' Kingston may get a brother or sister out of the party is priceless. ("I was joking.") The party is short lived as far as screen time is concerned and the shift goes into what remains of last week: Ace and Cara Maria put heads together in order to get a sense of the animosity towards her. It's also about that time that Nicole comes at Cara Maria to say that Cara's salty because everyone's coming after her. I mean, yes? Wouldn't anyone be a touch jaded? 

The daily challenge is a fun one as the players pair up to climb aboard a plank above a lake, take a run at a ball attached to a rope, hold on to it in order to pull it down with their weight, which will lower two stars into the water. It takes about four or five turns if no mistakes are made. Of course, there are mistakes. The biggest of all being that Kam refuses to attempt it. It's understandable as she's got a young baby at home, but she had to come into this season knowing there would be challenges like this -- or worse. It costs Leroy and her a disqualification and immediate candidates for elimination. T.J. reveals, too, that it is a women's elimination again. I love it when T.J. brings the element of surprise. 

While Kam makes the biggest mistake of not trying, plenty of others make their own blunders, including Flora, who never grabs the ball despite jumping into the water each time and Veronica, who misses the mark due to her height and possibly inability to jump that far. 

In the end, the choices from the losing groups are Kam, Veronica, Flora, and Cara. The logic amongst the house, perpetuated by Laurel and Nicole, is to send in Kam and Cara so that Kam can rid them of Cara Maria once and for all; however, Laurel makes a vow that because she wants her star, she's going to replace Kam. The promise is made. Only Leroy voices concern. Leroy, of course, is right. Laurel flakes out and leaves Kam out to dry in a wet elimination of maneuvering balls out of a cage hoisted above a muddy water pit. The first to get all ten out is the winner. 

At first, it looks like Kam has it. But as Leroy tries to point out -- though not loudly enough and not enough times -- Kam leaves two at the end of the rectangular cage that she does not have time to retrieve before Cara takes the win. 

Kam's look of confusion towards Laurel is less than I would've expected. 

Laurel deserved a cussing for that move -- or lack thereof -- and if karma plays a role then she'll be left out to dry when it comes time for the final. Even T.J. is tired of saying it: you have to get a star, so get your ass down in elimination. Plus, Laurel could've done well in this elimination. She played scared. Perhaps the idea of being sent home by Cara Maria after all the bullshit talk is what made her pump the bakes. Whatever it was, Nicole seems to be hindering her game play. Let's hope she's learned her lesson. Kam, sadly, had to learn one herself the hard way.

Don't trust Laurel. 


  • Note that the daily challenge was the first in a while to be more physical than much else. Many weren't able to do it. 
  • Kam got a star for a week; Cara was without a star for a week. 
  • How does Kam's absence affect Leroy going forward? 
  • If we know nothing else after this season, it's always to listen to Leroy Garrett. 
  • Shout out to Adam's gold pants. 
Blaine Duncan
Blaine Duncan
Editor-In-Chief, Host of Taking It Down