Takin' on 'The Challenge': Blind Faith

A week after Team Moriah finally broke through to win a daily challenge, they failed to keep their momentum going, losing a lead over Team Faysal thanks to a very questionable decision.

Question 1: What's your reaction to Devin helping his opponent Fessy out in a timed event?

TD: It was the dumbest thing I've ever seen on this show, by far. Why? Just why? It's beyond arrogant, and Fessy would never return the favor. They could've gained like an hour advantage. I just KNEW as soon as it happened what the end result would be. And I'm shocked that not one person on that team objected. I would've raised holy hell.

Blaine: Horacio showed why he's an impressive rookie as he both complained and looked visibly frustrated with Devin doing that. It was obviously stupid, as hindsight pointed out, but it was even ridiculous in the moment. Would Faysal have done the same? No, and any advantage helps! Let the arrogant fool suffer. (It was nice to see T.J. thoroughly enjoy Fessy vomiting continuously!)

Question 2: Agree or disagree with Aneesa's commentary on Amber's actions during The Draw?

TD: Agree wholeheartedly. I rolled my eyes so hard I gave myself a headache. Left or right, pick one and go for it.

Blaine: Here's where TD and I will differ. What I'm noticing now more than ever is that Aneesa has some issues in terms of this show. First, no matter how many times players try to vouch for strengths, she repeatedly shows up out of shape. It's obvious producers give her the callback for the confessionals and politics. Next, she's a big presence in the vacation crew who tend to hang outside of the show. That's not a bad thing on its own, yet it causes her to pick sides instantly. You know whom she's for and whom she's against. It makes for less drama and more boredom for viewers. Until TJ forces her to do something, Amber can take all the time she wants. Also boring? Nany and Kaycee's relationship. At least with Faysal and Moriah, you have no idea what will happen.

Question 3: If Fessy does make it to the final and is reunited with Moriah, do you think their bond will still be strong, or is their too much of a rift between the two?

TD: The Prize money will ultimately prove to be enough motivation, but it would be a rocky road for the pair. I could definitely see the intensity of the final causing an argument between the two.

Blaine: Fessy will use that poor girl up and spit her out. I'd like to think that Moriah would do the same and perhaps get some payback in the process, so here's to her gaining more savvy manuevers. I can really see this going the way of having to decide how much money your partner gets, though, with some of these so-called "ride or dies" getting more and more friction between them as parts of separate teams.

Blaine Duncan
Blaine Duncan
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TD Wood
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