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The drama certainly kicked up a notch this week, Takers. We’ve hit the point in the season where alliances become more cemented, and they were the center of A LOT of tense discussion this week. Nelson & Nurys won again this week, and nominated Bananas/Nany, Darrell/Veronica, Jordan/Aneesa, and Amber/Chauncey.

Ultimately, Amber & Chauncey were chosen to go straight into the The Zone, where they faced off against Darrell & Veronica after Bananas & Nany pulled the Safe Dagger and saved Jordan & Aneesa. In the end, Amber & Chauncey pulled the upset and sent Darrell & Veronica home in a closely contested elimination.

Question 1: Devin is up to his old tricks and pulling strings left and right, but a few teams seem to be on to him. Will it pay off, or has Devin put too big a target on his back?

TD: Devin should've just retired after the infamous "Infuriates Josh by asking him math questions" incident; he'll never top it. He's trying to play both sides, and that never works out for anyone not named Johnny Bananas. I think he's ruffled too many feathers, and he and Tori aren't quite good enough to nullify that in gameplay.

Blaine: It's like TD read my mind. As I watched this week, I was taken back to first meeting Devin, which is to say taken back to when I thought he was an asshole. Then he became a clever asshole. The Josh incident made me think he was just clever. Here we are back at square one, the asshole square, with mere dashes of insight. He should stop trying to please everyone. Several other challengers do, too, i.e. Jay and Michelle. It's just not working. Oh, by the way, where the hell is Josh!?!

Question 2: Speaking of Devin, multiple people saw right through Nelson & Nurys' nominations this week, and now their alliance is exposed. Nelson & Nurys have won 2 daily challenges so far, and seemed primed for a deep run. Have they hitched their wagon to the wrong horse?

TD: It was definitely a risky move that may have backfired, but we won't know for sure until the whole thing plays out. The difference between the two teams is Nelson & Nurys' superior physical game. That, and Nelson is more likely to get the benefit of the doubt from other teams than Devin.

Blaine: Much like Jay & Michelle, people are going to want Devin out now. Does he have enough goodwill via his partner Tori? I think so, yeah. He'll squirm his way out of it for a couple of weeks, but that fiddler will come asking for the payment and I bet he and Tori will be one of the first veteran pairs who are remaining to go.

Question 3: Nine teams remain, which three will still be around come final time?

TD: I think the best chance to get rid of them has passed, so for my first team I'll say Bananas/Nany. Faysal/Moriah have one daily win and have yet to see The Zone, I'll take them second. I'll take a surprise for my final team, and say rookies Horacio & Olivia will make the final.

Blaine: How the hell has Faysal not seen the Zone yet? He does this every season! What's to be afraid of!? Y'all seriously think you couldn't have taken out Fessy and his partner -- who's name is Moriah, which I only know because I looked her up -- in this week's elimination!?! Even with Veronica holding him down, Darrell would've gotten Faysal this week in elimination. Stop playing scared against that bro. That said, my three pairs: Nelson/Nurys, Jordan/Aneesa, and Bananas/Nany. Not sure how far Nany will make it without completing breaking down sans Kaycee (also getting fucking old) nor would it surprise me if Horacio gets by through simply being decent, but that's why we watch.

Blaine Duncan
Blaine Duncan
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