Takin' on 'The Challenge': My Own Worst Frenemy

Season 39 of The Alabama Take's favorite thing -- next to college football -- continues with Battle For a New Champion! This season is all about finding a first-time Challenge champ. Every week, devotees to The Challenge answer questions. Spoiler warning ahead!

At the end of last week's episode, T.J. told the house to get ready for a night challenge, and this week we dove right into that action. The cast was split into four teams to compete in an eating challenge. After everyone puked themselves into dehydration, the team of Colleen, Moriah, James, and Corey won. They chose Ravyn to go into elimination, and later on Zara volunteered herself to go in, even if the rest of the house wasn't buying her motives behind the act. In between, the house has an "anything but clothes" party, and Berna went around shutting down hookups around the house. In elimination, our champion was the ever-intimidating Laurel. She pulled Ravyn's name in the draw, but Ravyn pulled the upset, saving herself and $10k for the house.

Question 1: I'm sure the guys on The Alabama Slam podcast would be disappointed in Jay missing the WWE question. Since we're talking about our fellow Alabama Take contributors, who would win a Challenge season consisting of only Takers?

TD: As much as I'd like to say me, my cardio is laughable these days. I think Adam Morrow's knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the competition would make him the favorite. How is Mallory's cardio? She seems like she has that killer instinct needed to win. Also, Blaine is fucking crazy, and you can never count that out.

Blaine: There isn’t a doubt it would be Adam Morrow and his wife Natalie as Takers who’d win a season of The Challenge. Only an eating competition presents problems for either of them, but perhaps they fight through. As for the daily on this week, I appreciated the time the producers took to create some atmosphere for the setting. The steam coming off the players at the end was an added bonus that fit well with filming.

Question 2: Does Ravyn's win raise her stock in your eyes, or do you view the elimination as more of a Laurel lost more than Ravyn won type of situation?

TD: It definitely was a huge win, but, yeah, I think Laurel cost herself the 10 grand. I'm not sure Ravyn has all the skills necessary to win a final.

Blaine: Without the help from the cast, does Ravyn win? I am not sure. I do think she’s pretty decent at daily challenges, so for now, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was a solid victory.

Question 3: I don't really have a good third question, so write about whatever is on your mind.

TD: I think I've figured out a format tweak that would've made this season more compelling. Keep the same premise -- crowning a new champ -- but give them some veteran leadership by using the champions not as mercenaries, but rather as team captains. Have the regular cast come in and compete in an individual challenge right away, then reveal that the challenge was a tryout and bring out the champs. Then have the champs compete in a quick challenge to determine a draft order, and have them three players each to form teams of four -- one champ and three non-champs. Then complete the season as a team competition.

Blaine: I like the drama this season. Not having any true veterans makes for some silly and sideways thinking which leads to so many toes getting stepped on. I just wish the cast had more going for them as individuals. Also, it’s a shame that Bananas pulled out of being a champ to contend with in an elimination. Eliminations are quite his strongest aspect, but having him there to face Moriah and James would’ve been Challenge gold. Lastly, it took a like we’re due for Brad, Cara Maria, and CT in that order unless we have a double elimination on the near horizon line.

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Blaine Duncan
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