Takin' on 'The Challenge': Terrorist of Love

The final is inching ever closer, and tensions are rising on The Challenge. Despite Chauncey quitting and earning a shaming from T.J., Fessy and Tori won the daily for their team. Jordan and Tori once again made their drama the focus of nominations, much to the chagrin of basically every other cast member. Horacio was voted directly into elimination, once again, and squared off against Jordan after Devin pulled the safe dagger. When the dust cleared, Horacio won a hard fought battle against Jordan and put the rest of the guys on notice that he is a serious player in this season's game.

But that wasn't all this week: T.J. showed up to the house and told the cast to suit up, pack their bags, and meet him in The Zone. When they arrived, he had them get back into their original pairs. After some classic T.J. fuckery with solo players Kaycee, Faysal, and Aneesa, he re-introduced Kenny, Moriah, and Jordan to the game. Those three teams were immediately thrust into an elimination to earn their way back into the game.

We saw Fessy & Moriah earn their way back in, but were left hanging on who would survive between Kaycee/Kenny and Aneesa/Jordan.

Question 1: This isn't the first time Horacio has proven himself, but knocking out a Challenge great like Jordan truly resonates within the game. Do you think he's a real threat to not only make the final, but win it?

TD: Absolutely. He is absolutely a threat in the physical part of the game, and while he isn't a major player politically, he also doesn't do anything to hurt his game. His biggest obstacle is being voted into elimination yet again.

Blaine: When it comes to competing in the challenges, he's a force. What can't he do? If he starts adding more assertiveness to his game play in the house, know when to say no to some, yet continue to lay low politically, this guy could be the next Bananas or C.T. He's got the natural charm to ensure he won't create blatant enemies. I like his chances for the future as well as this particular final. And we say it every season, but he may be the best rookies from the men's side. What angers me continuously is Faysal's disregard to anyone who's not Faysal. His bit to Horacio where he doled out advice was ridiculous. Who is he to give advice? The only reason Fessy has made it to the finals repeatedly is two fold: he doesn't get thrown into elimination but once per season and his eliminations involve physicality only. Horacio, on the other hand, has already won more eliminations than Faysal in his entire four seasons on The Challenge. You tell me.

Question 2: How did you like the twist?

TD: I enjoyed it, particularly because the teams with eliminated members had to earn their way back into the game. I was a little worried we wouldn't see the eliminated players until right before the final, and they'd just hop back into the game. T.J.'s swerve was well done, too, the look on Fessy's face was priceless.

Blaine: T.J.'s twists and enjoyment of emotional torture on the cast is always welcome. The three-way elimination, though, needed more thought. It was too obvious who was going to win out with that one. They might as well had a Hall Brawl with Faysal versus Kenny. Geez. There's another, less obvious, complaint to make about the elimination with the three couples: Nany and Kaycee's b.s. is overboard. It's in the editing to a degree, but it's not like Kaycee will be beheaded if she and Kenny lose, Nany. And you live with her!! You'll see her again!! Kaycee doesn't have to be up your butt the entire season!!

Question 3: What's your prediction for the Kaycee/Kenny and Jordan/Aneesa elimination?

TD: I think Jordan will pull his team through. Aneesa is strong-willed, and while it doesn't always make up for what she lacks on the physical side, I think it'll be more than Kenny can muster up. He seems like a super nice guy, but just appears to lack that killer instinct needed to advance far in this game.

Blaine: I was debating the strengths of these two teams, and they end up more balanced that first glance. This, as TD points out, is due to Kenny being one of the worst, albeit nicest, competitors of recent seasons. Kaycee versus Aneesa one-on-one would be interesting; it's all dependent on the elimination, of course. Aneesa, at least, can still compete well in some eliminations. You have to think that gets Jordan and Aneesa back in headed to the final. The question is how much does Jordan want it? He did seem to be exasperated by both his loss and the train wreck with Tori. While we're on pairs, Moriah need not forgive Faysal so quickly. I hope that turns into a serious, well deserved reckoning.

Blaine Duncan
Blaine Duncan
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