Takes on College Football: Against the Spread, Week Twelve

Is it really almost over?

Week Twelve and we are in the final fourth of the regular season. Teams are starting to get desperate for bowl games, but they may be outmatched by those still with college playoff hopes. As always, here’s our column where we give our our best guess at the best bets with the lowest stress. Here are our college football picks of the week!


2019 ATS Record
Blaine Duncan:
19-13-1 (Week Eleven: 1-2)
TD Wood: 14-17-2 (Week Eleven: 0-3)

Blaine Duncan
A trained cat could go 1-2 every week, which is the best I can muster this past month. So this week, I’m letting my beautiful cat Piper make my picks for me. Here she goes! Wish her luck!

Florida (-7) at Missouri: I don’t like Tigers. I don’t like any cats bigger than me or any coming into my territory. It makes me mad. I’ll hiss at them! Florida puts their pieces back in place after getting beat by Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators continue to get it together in this football match. Stan Mullins seems like a cat person. I think that the Gators will win by at least ten points and I’ll celebrate with some Fancy Feast.

Navy at Notre Dame (-7): I don’t like being in water, so I don’t like the Navy Midshipmen to win the match. The Fightin’ Irish are what I like to do sometimes with my sister cats: fight. I think that Notre Dame gets a thirteen-point win when they fight; they’ll put that ball in their mouths and run around the house with it even though Navy will try to hog it the whole time. I like it when the ball is in the air, too, because I can then jump for it. Notre Dame will do more throwing the ball and they will score more. They will win and I will then beg for some milk. 

Georgia (-2.5) at Auburn: I don’t like dogs, but not many dogs come around my house much to bother me. Big cats do when they smell that I’m indoors. They come up to the window and I hiss and hiss and fight with my sisters! That’s why I don’t want these Auburn Tigers to win. And I feel like Auburn is licking their fur over their quarterback issues and general offensive cat litter issues. The Bulldogs are a much more bite than bark. When Georgia wins by three, I’ll make sure to clean myself good and then ask for some Iams.


TD Wood
Nothing I can say about last week except that I’ll eat all the crow served to me after those big misses on Minnesota and LSU — sorry, Iowa, you didn’t win. On to this week, it’s that glorious time of year when the rivalry games start to fire up, and we’ve got a few this week with playoff implications.

Georgia at Auburn (+2.5): Maybe it’s wishful thinking (Alabama could use an Auburn win here to help their playoff prospects), but this game smells like some Auburn hoodoo. Recent results suggest Georgia may have turned it on since their loss to South Carolina, but I’m not sure I trust it. They still can’t really make big plays down the field, and Auburn’s strength on defense lies up front. They key will be for the Tigers’ offense to make a play or two.

Minnesota (+3) at Iowa: Color me a believer in the Gophers. The score was a hell of a lot closer than the game actually was last weekend in the win over Penn State. Iowa has a solid defense, but they still struggle mightily on offense, and that ain’t good going up against a tough Minnesota defense. The Golden Gophers have a much better offense, and will be able to put up enough points to improve to 10-0.

Oklahoma (-10.5) at Baylor: Baylor is our other overlooked unbeaten, and maybe with good reason. The Baylors aren’t a bad team by any stretch, and they haven’t been overly lucky. I just don’t think they have the guns to win a shootout with Oklahoma, let alone stay close for 60 minutes. The Sooners still have playoff hopes, and they’ll look to boost their resume in Waco.

Note: All games are Against the Spread. Odds are taken from the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook.

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