Direction of 'The Challenge' and Dualities in 'The Sympathizer'
Taking It DownMay 07, 2024x
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Direction of 'The Challenge' and Dualities in 'The Sympathizer'

This week, Blaine begins with various TV shows without spoilers, including final thoughts on 'The Gentleman' on Netflix. From there, it's a brief opinion on the most recent episode of 'Under the Bridge' on Hulu; he gets to the big event of the Apple TV+ show 'Sugar'; then he comes down more friendly on 'Manhunt' from Apple TV+.

Adam and Donovan join and they all discuss the direction and lack of criteria for 'The Challenge: All-Stars' The guys offer ideas and opinions on the current fourth season of the spin-off series.

After the break, it's the second and third episodes of the HBO adaptation of the book 'The Sympathizer.' It's a lot about duality, identity, and the absurdity of war as they unpack their feelings on the two entries. Plus, a whole lot of Robert Downey Jr.

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