Apple TV+ Has Quality Television and Details of 'Secret Invasion'
Taking It DownJuly 11, 2023x
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Apple TV+ Has Quality Television and Details of 'Secret Invasion'

Apple TV+ has some quality shows, and we have recommendations almost solely from that streaming app, including Hijack (1:37), City On Fire (3:04), and Silo (5:04) all with spoiler-free discussions. Then it's a brief note on the current season of The Righteous Gemstones and why it's not quite as good, yet, as previous seasons (8:11). After the break, it's a short discussion on the details that Secret Invasion is adding to its show that make it a little better than other Disney+ and MCU shows have been (11:32).

For a transcript of this week's episode, see the website. For bonus footage, watch the video in YouTube for The Alabama Take

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