It's a top notch, high quality, fantastic and fun episode of Taking It Down this week, and as is the custom, the gang begins with the Listener of the Week (2:10). Make sure to let us know you're a listener so that you can win the big prize! From there, everyone complains at the news coverage concerning Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: why, oh why (2:39)?! Adam finally wraps up Severance and has a few cursory thoughts on it which he provides without spoiling any of the very spoiler-possible show (4:49). And in keeping with no spoilers, Donovan and Blaine tiptoe around the fifth and penultimate episode of Moon Knight (6:38). Is it still one of the best from Disney+?

From there, it's more in depth discussions, albeit a lot of geeking out, about HBO's excellent series Barry and the first episode of its third season (8:56) and the mind-bending trip of the second season of Russian Doll on Netflix, including what the new season is saying about past trauma (18:52).

We offer listeners a preview -- and maybe a chance to pick -- what we cover next week (38:12)!

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