Fargo, The Devil All The Time, and The Third Day
Taking It DownOctober 06, 2020x
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Fargo, The Devil All The Time, and The Third Day

The guys from Taking It Down are here to break down plenty in news and pop culture in a packed episode that you need to guide you through the coming week. In their check-in with Covid-19, there is more news than ever for whatever reason (2:04). All three of the guys love a Borat movie, so they expressed the excitement usually heard only from six-year-old kids for candy bars for the upcoming Borat announcement (4:11).

Blaine and Donovan then start to connect some dots on the new fourth season of Fargo (9:16). After that, it's murder and some more murder over on the Netflix movie The Devil All the Time (23:38). After all the grime, the guys took a break to talk about the beautiful weather (23:38) and even laid out their favorite songs for the autumn (49:52) before Adam and Blaine breakdown the lucid, tense, and suspenseful HBO drama The Third Day (58:48).

And don't forget about the upcoming book club on October 27th where we'll converse about the literary horror piece The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones! It's our first book club episode!