Intensity Heats Up in 'Shōgun' and A Mystery in 'Sugar'
Taking It DownApril 16, 2024x
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Intensity Heats Up in 'Shōgun' and A Mystery in 'Sugar'

This week, Blaine begins with The Alabama Take and its newest endeavor: a newsletter, plus some more news (1:40)! Blaine then talks about headlines in pop culture that contain spoilers for TV shows and movies -- and he calls out names (3:30). Donovan joins the podcast, and they briefly discuss what they may think of the new Apple TV+ series 'Franklin' since they have yet to see it (8:30). They discuss a few spoiler-free things related to Shōgun (12:16) before getting into the specifics and spoilers of the eighth episode, titled "The Abyss of Life," with boils with intensity (13:45).

Blaine also reviews the latest episode of 'Sugar' and its developing mystery which may be too easy to have determined (33:28).

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