Listener Questions and Episode Seven of 'The Last Of Us'
Taking It DownMarch 07, 2023x
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Listener Questions and Episode Seven of 'The Last Of Us'

With even more laughs than usual, Taking It Down starts with ads that aren't ads at all as well as music announcements (1:30). From there, the group discusses a goodbye of sorts for Arrested Development, which turns into a lesson on digital versus physical copies (3:51). It all leads to a hilarious set of listener questions that involve spoilers and spoiler hatred (6:02), Point Break (11:23), albums that never get old (13:15), Cocaine Bear (17:05), doing our homework (18:02), an Ant-Man query (18:58), and stand-up comedy (19:33).

After the break, which is newly redesigned and you'll want to hear, Donovan and Blaine break down the beauty of the seventh episode, "Left Behind," of the HBO series The Last of Us and conclude that it is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet once again (23:31).

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