Netflix's Maid and Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs
Taking It DownNovember 09, 2021x
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Netflix's Maid and Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs

It's the weekly pop culture discussion podcast from The Alabama Take, and this week it all begins with COVID booster shots (1:15). Hear some first-hand accounts of what the booster shots were like. The guys then sift through a little bit of college football (3:50) before everyone gives his final assessment of Midnight Mass from Netflix (6:26). And since most of the gang has now conquered Squid Game, they give some resting thoughts on the Korean phenomena (13:38).

In one of the first of two primary segments, it's an in-depth discussion of the first three episodes of Netflix's great drama Maid (16:14). After briefly considering a little bit of new music (34:23), everyone gives his opinion on the most recent update to Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Songs (36:23). What does the list get right and wrong? We've got opinions.

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