It's the fiftieth episode and it's full of all you've come to love about Taking It Down. First the guys talk some Covid news with one of them even getting tested (2:07). And though Taking It Down is all about pop culture, it would hard not to discuss the election and its intersection with college football (5:00). Should we, too, join the new social media Parler (8:48)? There are plenty of ideas floating.

The gentlemen then give out some things they believe to be praiseworthy from Adam's love of some of the latest reissues (12:40), to Donovan's discovery of Pen15 and Joe Pera Talks With You as well as his love of Olivia Manning's trilogy of books (21:01), and finally to Blaine's belief that some of The Walking Dead shows are back to being an okay hang (26:38).

After the break, the three of them do a dive into the first episode of the new Netflix series The Queen's Gambit, which seems to be quite good so far (31:58).

Plus, a quick note: there will be no Taking It Down next week on November 17th. We'll return on November 24th.