New Hawkeye Episode, More Beatles: Get Back Talk, and the SEC Championship Game
Taking It DownDecember 07, 2021x
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New Hawkeye Episode, More Beatles: Get Back Talk, and the SEC Championship Game

For Taking It Down's 99th (!) episode, Blaine, Adam, And Donovan start with some adamant talk about both the SEC Championship Game and the dissection of the Alabama fanbase (1:25). We also celebrate our winners of the inaugural College Football Pick 'Em (8:48). Should we do the Bowl Pick 'Em? Let us know!

Natalie joins the show and helps dissect what's right with the most recent episode of Hawkeye from Disney+ and what's wrong with it (13:22). She also offers up her worries about the upcoming movie Spider-Man: No Way Home (27:24).

After the break, Adam is back to point out some of the more granular aspects of the documentary series The Beatles: Get Back and discusses why it's a fantastic show (32:48).

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