Olympics, Woodstock '99, 100 Foot Wave, and Ted Lasso
Taking It DownJuly 27, 2021x
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Olympics, Woodstock '99, 100 Foot Wave, and Ted Lasso

On this week's episode of Taking It Down, the group discusses the real and infuriating possibility of having to bring back the COVID-19 segment (3:23) before Blaine makes the argument that the Olympics should just disappear altogether (10:18). Speaking of disappearing, the conversation shifts to the new HBO documentary Woodstock '99: Peace, Love, and Rage, which should come with a warning (17:25).

After the break, it's a brief reflection of Shadow Kingdom (42:32) before the allure of the HBO limited documentary series 100 Foot Wave (44:04). Lastly, it's a quick talk about the return of the Apple TV+ series that caught the world by storm last year, Ted Lasso (51:42).

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