Perry Mason, Last Chance U, and Immigration Nation
Taking It DownAugust 11, 2020x
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Perry Mason, Last Chance U, and Immigration Nation

This is where Taking It Down draws a line. Blaine, Adam, and Donovan regroup to briefly discuss Covid (1:23), though they don't know why. After that, it's a more positive note as they discuss the metamorphosis of the HBO show Perry Mason (3:24). After the break, the three of them talk about the middle episodes of the Netflix docu-series Last Chance U and how it could be the show's finest set of hours (28:02). Lastly, things get heated -- and for good reason -- as they break down the truths laid within the revealing Netflix documentary series Immigration Nation, which is a top title for Netflix within the United States (42:22). 

In this episode of the podcast, Donovan mentions an organization that helps with refugees seeking safety and care in the United States. To help with that organization, you can visit and donate here at

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