Production on 'The Challenge: USA' and How Zany and Somber is 'Telemarketers'
Taking It DownSeptember 05, 202343:1879.87 MB

Production on 'The Challenge: USA' and How Zany and Somber is 'Telemarketers'

The entire crew gather to first talk about the intersection of college football and intellectualism and how it's not a dichotomy (2:38) before shifting into The Challenge: USA and asking if production has too much of a hand in certain things (7:07). After the break, Blaine and Donovan discuss at length how zany and sober the latest HBO documentary Telemarketers is, which people should view just for the enlightenment (17:01).

If you're a fan of video podcasts, the YouTube channel for The Alabama Take has an extended version the episode, found below as well, with bonus discussions on Burning Man and the recent passing of the legendary Jimmy Buffett.

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