Tensions Mount Over 'Leave the World Behind'! | Episode 182
Taking It DownDecember 12, 2023x
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Tensions Mount Over 'Leave the World Behind'! | Episode 182

The sole focus of the audio this week is the new Netflix film Leave the World Behind. One of the crew loved it, one hated it, and another believes he comes to like it.

Summary The conversation revolves around the movie 'Leave the World Behind' on Netflix. The hosts discuss various aspects of the film, including the similarity between actors, the dizzying camera work, cinematography preferences, expectations from the director, and a comparison with the TV show 'Mr. Robot'. They conclude with closing remarks and announcements for future episodes.

Main Points The similarity between actors can be distracting for viewers. Dizzying camera work can be a polarizing aspect the movie. Knowing the director's style and expectations can influence one's perception of a film. Comparisons with other works can provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of Leave the World Behind.

Episode 182 Chapters 3:23 - The cinematography of Leave the World Behind 6:41 - The plot of the film with no spoilers 7:54 - Spoilers begin for Leave the World Behind 8:47 - Why the editing does work more than the camera work 16:54 - The final scene of the movie 27:44 - Next week on the podcast and beyond

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