With only Adam and Blaine this week, the guys veer way out of the podcast's usual lane of TV to talk about The Beatles. Prompted by the new single "Now and Then," they talk discuss production, albums, and songs. The episode begins with the podcast's roots (1:20) before explaining why this week isn't a TV episode (2:23). There's a dash of football discussion (4:29) before the two hosts talk about The Beatles: the new single, previous work without John Lennon, favorite albums, favorite songs, and the man who played hundreds of copies of The White Album (5:44). The episode wraps with a mushroom-specific "Strawberry Fields Forever" tale (30:27) before Adam assigns some Beatles homework everyone will love (31:49).

If you're a fan of video podcasts, the YouTube channel for The Alabama Take has extra footage different from the audio episode, found below, with takes on Daylight Saving Time, seasons, and author Caleb Johnson's recent fiction "The Camper."