The Challenge: Double Agents Season Recap Special
Taking It DownApril 20, 2021x
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The Challenge: Double Agents Season Recap Special

It's the best time: the season almost closes and only a few teams seem as though they're able to conquer TJ's final. Lucky for you, Taking It Down is back this week to break down the season that almost is. On deck, we have head writer for The Alabama Take and Challenge extraordinaire, TD Wood. Also as a very special guest is writer, photographer, and podcaster for, Mr. Ben Flanagan. As always, the show has Blaine Duncan and Adam Morrow to think through the seas that are Icelandic cold to analyze what we've seen and what's to come on the end of The Challenge: Double Agents!

In this episode, we talk the season as a whole, the best of the rookies, some of the eliminations (and their repetitions), some predictions, lots of Fessy hate, and even the candy that is The Challenge: All Stars -- different vibe, but still as sweet. Lastly, we make the call to give us the true champions season, MTV!