The Fifth Episode of 'The Last Of Us' and Various Recommendations
Taking It DownFebruary 14, 2023x
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The Fifth Episode of 'The Last Of Us' and Various Recommendations

In the crew's goofiest show to date, this episode of Taking It Down easily has more Patrick Mahomes than ever offered in the show's catalog thus far. To begin, the Taking It Down group shares some recommendations and possible ideas for upcoming episodes of the podcast, including: the 1963 unreliable narrator novel It Happened in Boston?; the WWII film Narvik on Netflix; new television from Apple TV+ Shrinking and Servant; and the strange South American novel Tender Is The Flesh (1:19). No spoilers for any of the recs, so listen to see if something strikes you.

After the break, it's spoilers galore! The gang breaks down the fourth and fifth episodes of The Last Of Us on HBO, including if the show can rise above a few tropes of the genre and even some its own tropes the series is settling into with regularity (13:05).

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