Wordle, Euphoria, Somebody Somewhere, and Boba Fett
Taking It DownJanuary 25, 2022x
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Wordle, Euphoria, Somebody Somewhere, and Boba Fett

The folks at Taking It Down discuss how the Wordle came to populate your Twitter feed and what they think of the game (1:38). In a new weekly segment, Blaine lays out his spoiler-free and very vague favorite thing from a recent episode of the HBO hit Euphoria (8:28). Before the break, everyone breaks down the first episode of the new HBO show Somebody, Somewhere which stars Bridgett Everett (10:51).

After a short break, it's news to Adam and Donovan that Moon Knight is coming and has a trailer (25:22). To end the episode, they all have thoughts on the most recent episode of The Book of Boba Fett from Disney+ called "The Gathering Storm" (27:08).

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